New game

2008-04-18 07:31:27 by solki

Hello Guys! After a loong break i started flash again.. I wanna make a game, simple. But I dont have a idea for a game. so i wanna ask all of you, Do YOU have a idea?? if yes make a comment..


2008-01-23 01:51:26 by solki

WOW! A little game like snake, and it got a really great score! thx for the idea PCPr0grammer:D

New mizeman game!

2008-01-20 11:30:15 by solki

A new Mizeman game is almost finish.. i have worked hard on it. It will be here on newgrounds soon!

Audio portal :S

2007-12-19 14:26:55 by solki

I have submit a song i self
have maked. the says that there will go 1-2 days before it come in. but i have waited in about 5 days and it isnt in the portal:S

Mizeman 3

2007-11-24 12:12:04 by solki

I almost finished with Mizeman 3 but i need only ONE thing:P I got banned in 11 days left, so you have to wait a couple of days.. The game has a brand new AS and the levels are much longer!

The full version..

2007-11-16 15:12:33 by solki

Yup thats rigth folks! Mizeman 2 the game (full version) is now on newgrounds.. toke a lot of time to make it so hope you enjoy..
if you find any mistakes please make a comment.. do you have any ideas to maybe a mizeman updated, or something send me an ng mail og write a comment..

Thx! to all wo rate good on the game..

The beta.,.

2007-11-15 15:21:06 by solki

Yes the beta 1 of mizeman 2 is on here at! There will come a beta 2 and after that, the full version will be on!

Mizeman 2

2007-11-15 11:49:03 by solki

Mizeman 2 coming soon